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dozens and dozens of trees to topple. in the east bay, a large chunk of road crumbled. we're looking outside right now. it's starting to get a little dark out but the skies are clear and the rain has stopped. however, the bay area has just begun dealing with the impact of the storms. i'm ama daetz. we have live team coverage on the storm aftermath in san francisco and the north bay. but first let's check in with meteorologist leigh glaser. we're in the clear now, right? >> leigh: we are but what a morning it has been across the bay area. golden gate bridge this morning, recording wind gusts up to 60-miles-an-hour this morning, and the heavy rain that moved through the bay area earlier in the day. live doppler 7hd, signaling pretty much all clear across the bay area. still picking up just a few lingering showers from gilroy
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down into -- heading into the central valley. looks like we will get chance to dry out tonight. here is a look at that cold front. boom. just moves through. over the golden gate bridge, 7:00. you can see the clearing behind it. well enjoy some clearing tonight. rainfall, the last 4 hours, -- 24 hours, clearly this is a north bay storm. over two inches in santa rosa, over one inch petaluma. lesser amounts towards the south bay. i do want to tell you that all of the flood warnings issued for the napa and russian river have been cancelled. our wind advisory and flashflood watches for the bay area have been cancelled as well. but, but more rain in my seven-day forecast. i'll let you know when to expect it. >> ama: we have developing news. two people were rescued on highway 1 near creek road.
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the highway is underwater. several drivers had to be plucked from rising waters today as the storm caused creeks and rivers to rise quicker than expected. right now the napa river is reaching is highest level in downtown napa. john alston is at veterans memorial park. reporter: napa river is expected to reach its peak level between now and 6:00. however, no flooding is expected in the city of napa. officials and residents are crediting a flood project that is still underway. the sign says flooded, and the vons memorial park was supposed to be closed to the public at a precaution, but that didn't stop people from bellying up to the railing to see the swollen napa river for themselves. it's big, the river project seems to be working. i was a big skeptic, but i think it's doing its job. reporter: upstream, about five
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miles north of town, some residents were no so leisurely as they watched the current rise. kohl is where the napa river is expected to go a foot aboveed in stage. >> could get wet on the property. i 1/2 natural drainage that runs threw the vineyards and the creek. hopefully i'll stay dry. >> in rutherford we found portions of vineyard underwater. erosion is a concern for grape growers. along main treat in downtown napa, sandbags were ready for duty but were not needed. >> so far there's been nothing. we came in this morning and the owner said, you can move them. so. that's what we did. and the sun came out and we're fine. >> that oakville area is primarily an agricultural area with very few houses.
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napa's self-service sandbag operation is wind down, and the flood watch in effect has been cancelled. live in napa, abc-7 news. >> ama: and crews are on the scene of a road hazard in lafayette where a fast running creek did major damage. the water undercut the drive. the sink hole took about a 20-foot stretch in both lanes. residents are advised this will take at least several weeks to repair. we'll have the latest on the creek problem and a live report at 6:00. >> ama: the floods on do -- flood threat on the russia river is over. a viewer septembers photos of the rising water. send your picture to web said it only took three hours for the river to rise three feet.
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we're live with the latest. reporter: people who live along the russian river are breathing easier now. the russian river was expected to flood, and now it's actually five feet below flood stage. it's a comfort for people in this area who have lived through massive flooding. >> angie is cleaning up in front of her home on mill street in gurneyville. the russian river came up to her garage door. >> came up to the edge of our garage, and then it only went in there when the people would drive by with their trucks and make the wakes go. >> thousands lived here for 22 years. she built this house with the main living quarters 20 feet before the street level because the river floods so offer. she said at one point her daughter used this kayak to help a neighbor out of his flooded home. anthony white showed how high the water reached. he said he was ready to get his family out. >> we were definitely ready to
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get out of here if it got much higher. so, we were ready as we could be. >> dodged a bullet. >> yes, we did. >> much of mill street is still underwater. residents expect a certain amount of flooding every two or three years. steve is the operations chief of the russian river and said the flood warnings thankfully fell short of expectations. >> we ran all night long and then at 10:00, 11:00 this morning it stopped. >> sonoma county received between four to ten inches of rain. highway 12 at 121 was river at 10 al-and all this water is not expected to recede until the tide goes out and takes the flood waters with it. the last report we got from pg&e was that there were about 11,000 people still out of power throughout sonoma county. pg&e says it has crews throughout the county trying to restore the customers as soon as possible. reporting live, abc-7 news.
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>> ama: we have dramatic video of an accident that left three east bay firefighters hospitalized with serious injuries after a string of crashes on highway 24 in orinda. crews from the fire department were at the scene of two earlier crashes when an suv hit a fire truck, flipped over and skited into several people off the side of the record. just look at that. we were there just as the last accident happened on the rain-soaked highway. veteran firefighters were all taken to john muir hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. the driver of the suv and another driver are in critical condition. take a look at this stuck car on shepherd canyon in oakland. peter sent us this picture this morning via you -- ureports. and said good samaritans rescued the driver, and check out this
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road. the road has since been cleared. e-mail your photos to us at one big problem all across the bay area tonight, toppled trees. take a look as this huge tree that came crashing down in san francisco. lillian kim is in the neighborhood where it all happened. lillian? reporter: the people who live here got quite a square this morning when this large tree came crashing down just after 8:00. this is the top of the treatment it actually came from a home two doors down. so three sets of fences have been damaged. downed trees could be found all over san francisco today. the city received 40 calls of either large downed trees or fallen limb. we found two trouble spots on oak street but neither as serious at the tree that came down on walnut street. it pulled up part othe sidewalk and damaged a car parked on the street. >> obviously disappointing. you got to go with the insurance
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process and everything. thankfully i'm insured. but as my neighbor put it. you could replace a car. some of these trees have been here 80, 100 years so it's tough on that end as well. >> in addition to downed trees, there were other problems in the city. a power pole snapped, and the northern police station saw serious street flooding which came close to entering the building. the department of public works says all is fine now. live in san francisco, chance chance. >> ama: and right now pg&e is working to restore power to more than 240u7b customers around the bay area. as of this afternoon more than 1240u7b in east bay are without power, and there are more than 4,000 without power on the peninsula and in the north bay, and 1100 in the south bay, with 660 customers affected in san francisco. just ahead, b.a.r.t. service grinds to a halt.
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passengers unable to reach their destination. >> stormy driving conditions
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>> ama: check this out. here's proof the storm caused some treacherous driving conditions this morning. crews had to bling a tow truck to righten an overturned big rig in the eastbound lanes of the richmond san rafael bridge. despite being precariously perched on the edge of the rig, the truck driver was able to get out. today bears bears shutdown service system-wide twice.
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it's unclear whether the weather was a factor. b.a.r.t. said the snarl system went down. b.a.r.t. says due to safety concerns it shut down all service for an hour just after nine this morning. then a similar delay happened at 2:00 this afternoon. that outage lasted 20 minutes. passengers did their best to cope. >> two hours i been trying to get to oakland. not cool. not cool. >> ama: b.a.r.t. technicians continue to investigate the cause of the power system failure. home owners in the east bay are assessing the damage tonight, and you can see why. ahead, why one family is getting a little too used to dealing with this kind of mess. and sky 7hd shows us a calmer end to our day. taking a live look outside. you can see the sun going down. looks great. meteorologist leigh glaser says there is more wet weather during the week ahead. her forecast is after
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>> ama: a little like getting hit by lightning twice. fall 'trees are giving a lafayette home owner and his neighbors a headache. a tree fell down and then after the crews cut up the tree and lines were repaired, another bigger tree toppled from the same property. the same powerlines were knock out and the neighborhood lost electricity. and sky 7hd shows the scene of a house with part of its roof taken off by a fallen tree in oakland today. the home owner says it's not the first time his roof has been crushed by a tree. power was knocked out and a quick-thinking neighbor cut off the supply to a gas pipe that was broken in the accident. >> at least people had a chance
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to start the cleanup because the rain ended. >> leigh: i have to tell you our forecast models were right on this storm. by 7:00, started to move in towards the golden gate bridge, and by 1:00, much of the bay area started to see some clearing and some sunshine. behind me is from the high definition peak cam. we're looking west towards the bay bridge right here. san francisco in the background. a few low clouds starting to form near the coast, and a lot of clearing taking place, especially in the north bay and the clearing sky will be with us this evening. let's look at live doppler 7hd. overworked but we needed this. the past three storms. here's a look sweeping live, and you can see most of this is just a little bit of clutter here on the screen. much of what we're seeing right here is really zero moisture out there. we may see mist and drizzle develop near the coast, but the
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storm has pushed well to the east of the bay area, into the south. you can see just a lingering effect of that very powerful storm that moved through this morning. right now we have 59 in san rafael. 58, san francisco. 60, san jose. we had some very strong winds, as i mentioned at the top of the show, gusts close to 60, 66 miles-per-hour. the winds now shifted to the west northwest and have definitely calmed down. westerly at sfo, 10 miles-per-hour right now. here is a look at our forecast. kind of have to plan your upcoming work week. it will be clearing and much cooler overnight. we do get a dry day tomorrow and then more rain will move in by mid-week. here's a look at the lows tonight. with all the saturation, we'll definitely see the development of fog in protected valley areas but it will be cooler. upper 40s in most locations.
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so the next storm system is the one -- this is the one that moved through this morning, and here's the clearing tonight and tomorrow, and then you can see the second system and this will bring us more rain on tuesday. throughout the day on monday, though, we will continue to be dry. 8:00 a.m. tuesday morning when this moisture will start to feed south. in the north bay to start. and then by late tuesday afternoon, that's when it looks like the system will move in not anything like that moved through the bay area this morning. we might see an inch, inch and a half of rainfall. the highest potential in the north bay and this should be out by mid-day on wednesday. lesser amounts in the south bay. and not a lot of wind with this next system as well. here's a look at the highs. enjoy the sunshine tomorrow. dry out. temperatures in the mid-to-low 60s across the bay area. we'll still deal with some northwesterly winds. or breezes.
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10-15 miles-per-hour. the seven-day forecast. a dry one for monday. thickening clouds heading into our tuesday. and then we'll look for the rain to begin tuesday, late afternoon in the north bay. we'll have a wet night tuesday night, early wednesday morning, and then the rest of the work week looks dry. thursday, friday, saturday, even warmer. >> ama: mike shumann is off but rick quan is in. >> tough day for local teams. raiders try to snap a four-game losing streak, and the niners and rams go to overtime again as colin
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>> three week ago the 49ers and rams had to settle for a rare tie and today they came within 26 seconds of it happening game. jim harbaugh pumping up colin cap per nick, making his third straight top. frank gore, with the 49ers only touchdown. still 7-0 in the third when kaepernick throws the ball out-of-bounds from his end zone. he was flagged for intentional grounding which gives the rams a safety. in the fourth, kaepernick another critical mistake. his pitch goes way over the head of the runner, jenkins recovers for the touchdown. the rams went for the two-point conversion and get it. the game was tied at 10. kaepernick tries to make up for his mistakes with his huge play.
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he scrambles and breaks loose for a 50-yard run, longest by a quarterback in 49er history. but the rams tie it at the end of regulation, forcing overtime. david akers with the chance for the win but misses, this time from 51 yards. st. louis i would take advantage. rookie david sure zuerlein is good. the rams win, the niners record drops to 8-3-1. >> set went to overtime against chicago. wilson finds rice who makes the catch before taking a shot at the goal line. it's ruled a touchdown, though. seahawks win 23-17 and pick up a game on the niners. >> after going 0-4 for the month of november think raiders were hoping december would bring some holiday cheer and a victory. oakland was at home against cleveland. both teams with 3-8 records. the raiders defense has been giving up points at a record
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pace. weeden finds gordon for the touchdown. it was 13-3 cleveland in the third when oakland finally gets into the end zone, carson palmer to streeter. a 64-yard strike. the lead is down to three. with darren mcfadden still out with an injury, palmer threw 54 times for 351 yards and two two touchdowns but this pass is picked off. the rams went on a drive, richardson scores, 20-17 was the final. the raiders lose their fifth straight. they're now 3-9. >> an emotional win for kansas city today which beat carolina 27-21. the game was played one day after chiefs lineback baker javon belcher shot himself and his girlfriend. >> in golf, grandma -- graeme mcdowell won the world challenge. >> ama: omg, the text message is introducing...
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>> ama: coming up at 6:00. we'll go live the east bay where a massive sink hole as closed off traffic on one street. we'll have a live update on the conditions of three firefighters and one other person injured in a rainy road accident. join us at 6:00. get this. the the text message turns 20 tomorrow. did you have any idea it's been
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that long. on december 3-1992 the first short message, or sms, was sent in the uk by a 22-year-old technician to a coworker at a craims party. the message read, merry christmas. that's it for us. captioned by closed captioning services inc. this is "world news." tonight, a moment of silence. players on the field, their heads bowed after their teammate murders his girlfriend and kills himself, leaving their 3-month-old baby behind. tonight, the newest clues as the owner of the team is asked about head injuries on the field. washout. a punishing storm taking aim at several states tonight. tractor-trailers overturned.

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